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Project scope

Branding, Advertising, Product design, Personal project


Background 〉  “WAY” is a conceptual campaign formed against hate crimes against women (Femicide). It creates a symbolic product 'Inverted outsole’ that leaves footprints opposite to the direction of walking, used as an uncanny tool spread their marks on streets. The activity highlights the implied relations between exposing oneself and being threatened.

Background 〉  “WAY” 는 여성 대상의 묻지마 범죄를 가시화하기 위한 가상의 캠페인으로 ‘방향이 뒤집힌 신발 밑창’ 을 배포한다. 걷는 방향과 반대의 발자국을 남기는 이 제품은 길거리에 기이한 풍경을 남겨, 궤도를 드러낼수록 위협받는다는 사실이 결국 어떠한 차별을 암시하는지 묻는다.

Background / Prototype

Conceptual collaboarion with: CASIO

Conceptual collaboarion with: NIKE


WAY provides an app for the emergency report
call through a customized / secret process. 


WAY’s webpage provides theme named <Labs>;
consisted of experiments to form new background knowledge about Femicide / Feminism.

Yoonbee Baek 2022